Via Satelite
You’ll never view LA traffic quite the same way when Ciclavia takes over long
stretches of precious road and opens it up to bicycles only. This unique event
has become a regular thing in many different Los Angeles communities and
seems to show no signs of slowing down. This special segment includes
interviews with LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, as well as visits with
Gil Garcetti and Ed Begley, Jr.

The world famous Rockettes of Radio City Music Hall were gracious enough
to bring their act to California where we could all be enthralled by their spectacular
performance and this segment is certainly one of our best. Many thanks to the
Rockettes who brought a little piece of New York City for us to enjoy.
Watch this episode, and you too will feel that you are visiting the Big Apple
and one of the city's most famous and entertaining attractions!

The Wattles Mansion in Hollywood opens its fabled doors to interior designers
from around the world to transform the mansion into a classic showplace
of Hollywood lore. Special themed rooms are dedicated to classic stars
like Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Harlow, Audrey Hepburn and even contemporary
star Leonardo DiCaprio, resulting in a stylish and elegant tribute to
Legendary Hollywood.

The Petersen Automotive Museum premiers its latest makeover with a brand
new look and style that is as sleek and elegant as its classic collection of
automobiles. The new exterior is reminiscent of a race car, and inside there
are new attractions like Pixar’s interactive “Cars” exhibit as well as the
Pasadena Design Center’s new wing devoted to automotive design and
development. Like the classic cars that inhabit it’s spacious halls,
the Petersen only gets better with age!

The port of Los Angeles at San Pedro is the site for the annual Tallship Festival
featuring classic sailing vessels from American history. Climb aboard with
Roger as he tours the decks above and below and enjoys a rare voyage aboard
one of these magnificent ships to participate in a simulated battle featuring cannon fire!

Enjoy a sneak peek at "Out & About's" coverage of the SEA Lab in
Redondo Beach as Roger visits the respected facility to learn of how
The SEA Lab is educating the public on the importance of our ocean
ecosystem and the need for conservation of our most precious resource: The Sea.

Join in the fun when hundreds of Los Angeles residents gather at Pershing
Square to vent their frustrations in a knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred
Pillow Fight! This annual celebration of mischievous mayhem features a
cross section of Angelenos of all ages, races and creeds, each one with
an axe to grind and a pillow to pummel!

Enjoy one of LA’s best kept secrets as Roger and co-host Amanda Martin
tour the lush island of Catalina. The visit features a pristine snorkeling dive off
Lover’s Cove as well as spectacular rides on the Catalina Zip Line featuring
breathtaking views of the island and its pristine shores!

Out & About celebrates the 80th anniversary of two of Hollywood’ most notorious
leading men when the Fox Theater in Pomona commemorates the classic
Universal Horror features “Dracula” and “Frankenstein.” Both released in the
same year in 1931, this tribute features interviews with Bela Lugosi Jr., and
Sara Karloff, both of whom share stories and anecdotes of their legendary fathers.

Join Roger and co-host Amanda Martin as they embark on the Zombie Hunter
Paintball Train, courtesy of the Fillmore & Western Railway Co. The journey
takes them to zombie-infested areas where they dispatch the walking dead
with ammunition courtesy of Stryker Paintball & Airsoft! A fast and entertaining
adventure that will put a smile on your face and send chills down your spine!

Experience the breathtaking spectacle that actually makes you feel you have
entered another time and place when the Honda Center of Anaheim welcomes
back the arena show "Walking With Dinosaurs." See realistic depictions of a
T-Rex, dueling Velociraptors and life-sized Brachiosaurs walk the stage through
the magic of state-of-the-art puppetry and robotics which make this show an epic
tale that is 65 million years in the making.

Explore the fun-filled world of ventriloquism at a special gathering
at Las Vegas' Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino. The annual
gathering attracts performers from around the world, resulting in an excess
of double-talk. Mixed in with the "wooden" performances are some brilliant displays
of this age old entertainment and the results will leave you in stitches