Rare and antique book Rare and antique book
Witness a priceless collection of rare and classic books as the Pasadena Convention Center welcomes the 51st Annual Antiquarian Book Fair. The annual gathering is a celebration of the printed word and includes precious folios, rare printed editions of classic children’s literature, and even a demonstration of an early printing press courtesy of the International Printing Museum!

Frankenstein ad Roger with Frankenstein scholar Sid Berger
Commemorate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s gothic horror masterpiece “Frankenstein” as the Antiquarian Book Fair stitches together a vast collection of memorabilia including early printed editions of the novel, a variety of memorable covers, and candid photos from the movies, spin offs and spoofs. The tribute also includes a lively panel discussion featuring a group of experts who discuss the book’s impact over two centuries and the influence it has had on writers and their works. And don’t miss a rare appearance by Sara Karloff, Boris Karloff’s daughter who shares anecdotes and home movies featuring her famous father!

Julie Newmar's famous Catwoman cat suit Batman and Robin costumes
Holy Hollywood Heroes! Don’t miss Roger’s nostalgic sneak peek at "Batman '66", a colorful and eye-popping exhibition at the Hollywood Museum featuring original costumes, props and memorabilia from the beloved Batman TV series. The display includes vehicles like the Batmobile and the Batcycle, props like the Batphone, the Batpoles and the Batcomputer, and original costumes worn by the Caped Crusaders, their partner in crimefighting Batgirl, and the costumes of the Joker, Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman. And don’t miss a special guest appearance by Burt Ward, TV's Robin, the Boy Wonder!

Statue of Genghis Khan Genghis Khan in artworks Recreation of Kubla Khan's Xanadu
GENGHIS KHAN: The Exhibition
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum unveils the most comprehensive exhibit ever focusing on the life and legacy of Genghis Khan, history’s most famous conqueror. See artifacts and recreations of some of the armor and weaponry used in this turbulent period when the famed Mongolian warrior held domain over the largest kingdom in history, see a sumptuous recreation of Xanadu, home of Kubla Khan, Genghis Kahn’s grandson, and learn about some of the groundbreaking contributions attributed to Genghis Khan which are part of life even today!

Pictures from the Martial Arts Museum in Burbank Roger with museum founder Michael Matsuda
Join Roger for a tour of the Martial Arts History Museum to learn about this popular meditative sport and its impact on western culture. The museum in Burbank, California covers the history and popularity of these well-honored traditions with its collection of photographs, videos and both authentic reproductions of martial arts weaponry from both ancient history and Hollywood history!

Chinese dance mask Martial artists
Experience Dragonfest, a Martial Arts Expo featuring demonstrations of “fighting sticks”, a pulse-pounding performance featuring Taiko drummers, a colorful display of island dancing, and a visceral display of self-defense techniques courtesy of American Old School Jujitsu. If you’ve never been interested in the mystical ways of the Samurai, Karate or Jujitsu, you’ll totally flip when “Out About with Roger Martin” delves into these ancient and meditative practices

Petersen Automotive Museum Roger with James Bond's Austin Martin DB5
The Petersen Automotive Museum unveils its slick new cherried-out façade that is reminiscent of
its fabulous collection of classic automobiles! The museum’s new facelift underscores the priceless collection
of classic vehicles that now occupy its three floors. See two Aston Martin vehicles from the
James Bond series, learn how an engine works from Pixar’s “Cars” characters, and see
the future car designers sculpt their newest models as the Petersen shifts into high gear
to celebrate the past and future of automobiles!

Hammered DulcimerHammered Dulcimer
There’s music to celebrate when we relish the soothing, siren call of the Dulcimer at a festival that is
devoted to these unique and wondrous instruments. Each year the Harvest Festival of Dulcimers attracts
an eclectic group of talented musicians to the United Methodist Church in Culver City.
Musicians participate in workshops, mingle with other players, and participate in impromptu
jam sessions where both the Mountain dulcimer and the Hammered dulcimer get equal
playtime. “Dulcimer” means “sweet sound” and how sweet it is indeed to savor
every note that resonates from these magical musicians who fill the air
with the light and airy melodies of a time long passed.

Beefy Participant in Cupid's Undie RunParticipants prepare to run their pants off
Experience a brief encounter with the brave men and women who drop their drawers to sprint in
their underwear! Cupid’s Undie Run features participants from cities across the country and
the annual event comes to LA for the very first time to showcase a bevy
of beautiful bodies who bare nearly all to benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Roger at Dinosaur HallT-Rex skull
See Los Angeles' biggest new attraction as the Natural History Museum of LA County
unleashes Dinosaur Hall to its unsuspecting visitors. Twenty fully articulated fossilized skeletons
roar their way through two galleries among them the fearsome Allosaurus, the armor
plated Stegosaurus, the spike horned Triceratops and a trio of Tyrannosaurus Rex
which make up the world's first T-Rex growth series. Visit with the head curator and
project manager and find out why this new exhibit is such an important and groundbreaking
additon to a world class museum.

Plein Air Painting in TopangaTwo Steps by Helen Groenekamp
Watch talented artists create their inspired works in the free open air of the outdoors
as Allied Artists share their passion for Plein Air Painting. "Plein Air" means "in the open air"
and these talented painters take advantage of the serenity and peaceful rolling hills
of Topanga State Park by creating colorful splashes of scenic wonder. Relish with us
the warm soothing breezes, enjoy the changing colors of the majestic landscapes and listen
to the artists as they share with us inimate details of the passion and inspiration that
goes into creating their expressive works.

Bodybuilder HidetadoBodybuilding with David Hughes
Find out how to look and feel your best as West Hollywood's Capitol Drugs hosts its
annual Sample Saturday by offering free samples to its customers in the form of diet supplements,
health advice and free massage sessions. Interviews with professional bodybuilders, demonstrations
of acupuncture, and the pleasure of witnessing a bevy of beefcaked volunteers getting spray tanned
are just a few of the reasons to enjoy this enlightening and revealing edition!

Elephants at Elephant OdysseyElephant
Visit with the playful pack of pachyderms at San Diego's wondrous
new habitat "Elephant Odyssey." The state-of-the-art facility opened in early 2009
and is home to seven of these magnificent creatures who roam, splash and play
in their vast new surroundings. A model of an ancient tar pit, a new animal care facility
and a section devoted to the California Condor make this spectacular attraction simply one
of many reasons to rediscover this world class zoo!

Happy Jui Jitsu winner Roger with gorgeous modelsSuper Nutrition Dude
Pro Fight Supplements Los Angeles Fitness Expo
Join Roger as he visits some of the best bodies in town at the LA Convention Center's annual assembly of the
city's beefiest and most beautiful! The Pro Fight Supplements Los Angeles Fit Expo features a
vein-popping assortment of muscled bodies and chiseled physiques, and features street dancing, cage fighting
and one of the city's largest Jui Jitsu competitions. And don't miss this year's event!

Corvettes1974 Corvette
See which episode of Out & About won the 2004 W.A.V.E. Award for Best Community
Event as we experience the nostalgic days of the classic Corvette at a spectacular
celebration in the Midwest! The crew of out & About embark upon an epic journey
as they travel to Effingham Illinois to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Chevrolet's classic
Corvette! The two day event celebrates the entire Corvette mystique, from its history and
development to the huge following of devoted fans for whom the Corvette represents a state
of mind! A tour through a Corvette upholstery facility, a spectacular helicopter flyover and
a toe-tapping concert of Beatles music courtesty of "1964: The Tribute" are some of the
highlights of this grand party, making Corvette Funfest the definitive do-all, end-all
Corvette Celebration!