Rog Martin was raised in the beautiful Catskill Mountains in the small town of Roscoe, New York, population 600, a popular fishing village and resort town. Many moons ago, at age fifteen, he ask for and received his own radio show on WVOS in Liberty, New York, and later ended up in Southern California and his first job on the west coast at KUTY, Palmdale, as Program Director and top forty Dee Jay. For 19 years he was an announcer in Southern California at various stations including KOST-FM Los Angeles and KCBH-FM Beverly Hills, Announcing gigs also included announcing the American Cinema Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills and eventually ended up on television at BHTV Channel 3 Beverly Hills. He was approached by Jim Lichnerowicz to host a new tv series in 1991 where the crew would go "Out & About" taping and enjoying an interesting life style at the same time. Rog and Jim have just finished producing their 318th episode.The series airs on an Educational Station in Los Angeles as well as various TV outlets around the country. The series also has aired in New Zealand and on satelite television in Great Britian on a station that airs out of London.. It airs coast to coast on many stations.