As a former Southern California (L.A.) Top Forty Dee Jay when I was billed as Rog Martin, and with Jim Lichnerowicz, mastermind editor and producer, our TV newsmagazine series started in March of 1991 over Beverly Hills Television, BHTV. I had already completed my radio stint at KCBH-FM in Beverly Hills, some years back, and now television in Beverly Hills made for a logical transition. The station was an ideal place to begin a new adventure... we had a beautiful studio. Equipment was provided to us to begin taping a series that would last until even today, twenty years later. Out & About with Roger Martin was supposed to be Out & About in Beverly Hills, but we soon found that we wanted to expand to cover at least events and places in and around Southern California, and even the entire Southwest. After the closure of BHTV, we obtained our own equipment and were on our own. But the series never halted. We continued to be in producton...non-stop. Since the beginning we have become the story...two people who wouldn't give up doing what they loved to do. The episode list now has a count of almost 300 episodes with no end in sight. "I Love Lucy" produced 179 episodes,
but she had a lot of help.